RSS Feeds in Chrome

As a developer I have to keep up with a lot of information. I try to do that manually through my favorites bar, but it has become annoying to go to every site and see if there is new content and/or sort through what I think is important. Enter Chrome and the minimalist RSS reader.

First head over to the Chrome store and add the RSS Feed Reader to Chrome. The Feed Reader can usually detect if a site has a RSS Feed you can subscribe to. It will put a small green plus sign on the icon.


You can see there are 2 feeds you can add on this site. Clicking the Plus button here will display the available feeds. And let you add a feed manually.


Clicking follow will put the feed into your main stream and alert you when there are new updates or posts. No more wasted time. If you don’t want to read the post for whatever reason you can click the check box and it will be marked as read. You can then click the post you do want to read and be taken directly to it.


I haven’t tried the PRO version yet, the free version does most everything I want. I hope this has been helpful and if you have any questions please let me know.



Brother MFCJ680DW Printer Review

Our HP Officejet finally died last week. I started doing some research for our next printer. I read my friend Tim Leland’s blog post on his Brother printer and found it very helpful. I found the newer model on amazon, Brother MFCJ680DW Wireless Printer, and decided to give it a shot. I’ve only owned HP printers before this, but this Brother printer has been fantastic.

I read some reviews on amazon that state the printer was slow and to expect up to 1 minute to print. I have NOT had this happen. I’ve printed several dozen pages sporadically this week and they have all printed rapidly. The auto power save is a nice bonus feature, it puts itself to sleep from inactivity. I have not printed any photos with it yet, but I will be doing so soon. I’ll update this post when I do.

I definitely recommend this printer.

30 Days == Done

Well it’s been 30 days since I started my 30 Apps in 30 Days adventure. I didn’t make it. I barely got half way through my app list. I have numerous excuses, but they are just excuses. I am going to keep going until I finish the list. This time has definitely not been wasted. I have learned a lot and will continue to learn, that is the point after all.


Until my next app, stay tuned.

App 14 of 30

You have to love productive lunches. I sat down at lunch and sketched out how I thought the compass would work. I knew I would need to use CLLocationManager again. I didn’t know how to move the image though.

Lessons Learned:

  1. More on CLLocationManager
  2. QuartzCore graphics
  3. Animations, transform, rotate
  4. Imbedded math functions

Future Improvements:

  1. Fix it so the image isn’t distorted when you rotate your phone

Compass Source – Dropbox

App 13 of 30

This is an app that I have been working on and off with for almost a week. It was a little more difficult for me, but it greatly helped me in my job. It actually does something that I do everyday, make a call to the tubes and retrieve data.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Setting different views
  2. Transitioning to different views
  3. JSON calls
  4. Inline if statements
  5. Different cell values, i.e. alignment, number of lines( for word wrap), font, background
  6. Parsing JSON data for what I want, from_user and text
  7. More memory management
  8. Connections errors
  9. Pragma marks
  10. #define

Future Improvements:

  1. Add the user image
  2. Clear the search box when you go back

Twitter Search Source – Dropbox